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Care Home standards and How to complain

Every care should have minimum standards set by Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS), to provide assurance that the care home meets the minimum standard RQAI inspects the care home twice in a year.

These standards focus on the safety, dignity, wellbeing and quality of life of service users. They are designed to address unacceptable variations in the standards of treatment, care and services and to raise the quality of services.

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Care Home standards

Taking Action

Most of people are having positive experience of care home but sometimes you may not get what you want and problems comes up and you want to take action to change it. You can sort out the problem by telling it to the staff of care home or having a informal chat with staff or manager of care home.

If you are not satisfied with informal chat and want make a formal complaint you can follow the procedure, all registered care service providers must have a complaint procedure.

Still you are not satisfied with the formal complaint to your care home you can complain to RQAI or to your local trust. You can also directly go to local trust from the start

There is no need to inform your care home or nursing home tat you have complaint to RQAI or to local trust.
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Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority-feedback and complaints

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